Improving the development and quality of distributed systems
Information Systems Development & Support for the National Scenic Byways Program, PI

Funded by Federal Highway Administration

Time Period: Jul. 1995 - ongoing


This project is research and development on the National Scenic Byways On-line web site and a variety of distributed applications, including support systems for on-line grant applications, byway nominations, digital media library, automated travel planning, contact management, on-line surveying, and much more.  This project has been and continues to be wonderful for vehicle for experimenting with new software-engineering processes, models, and tools, as well as driving force for new research in digital media libraries, AI solutions to travel planning, and content management.  To date, it has provided employment and real-world work experience to 52 students.

Other NSBO-Related Projects, PI

Funded by US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management

Time Period: Jul. 2004 - Sep. 2008


These projects added information about the USFS byways and BLM backways to the FHWA National Scenic Byways Websites and required re-design of the display templates to accommodate USFS byways.

De-duplication for Integrated Child-Health Information Systems and Five Case Studies of Integration Projects, PI

Funded by the Task Force for Child Survival and Development

Time Period: May. 2003 - Dec. 2003


This project consisted of two parts.  The first part investigated record matching and coalescing for integrated child-health information systems.  It examined the current research, technology, and product.  It also included a study the approaches to record matching and coalescing being used by existing integrated child-health information systems.  The second part researched and developed five different case studies of selected integration projects.  Each case study focused on different aspects of the software engineering, such as project management and testing.

Development of Bluevision, a Electronic Blueprint Distribution and Coordination System, PI

Funded by Drysdale, Inc.

Time Period: Jul. 2003 - Dec 2000


This project is for first phase of the development of system that will support the electronic distribution and coordination blueprints among architects, engineers, contractions, building owners, and project developers.

Various Software-engineering Related Projects

Funded by various commercial organizations and government agency

Time Period: Jan. 1994 - today


This general area includes a wide range of projects that provide research and development opportunities in software engineering, with emphases on object-oriented, distributed system, agile methods, and testing.  They include web- and non-web-oriented projects.

​​Development of Early Intervention Transition Tracking System, PI

Funded by Utah State office of Education

Time period: Aug. 2008 - ongoing


This is a research and development project for creating a secure, automated mechanism for exchange child-health information between the Utah Department of Health and the Utah State Office of Education and for track the progress of children receiving Early Intervention services.

​​Integration of Child Healthcare Databases, Co-PI and Technical Lead

Funded by multiple sources

Time period: Jul. 2000 - going


This is a collection of projects from multiple funding sources that together aim to improve healthcare services and reduce costs by developing secure, integrated distributed health-information systems and health-information exchanges.  They include the Child-health Advanced Records Management (CHARM) system, e-Health Communities, and various case studies.  These projects are funded by the Center for Disease Control, the Task Force for Child Survival and Development, and a variety of other sources within the Utah Department of Health.

Public Health Master Person Index, PI

Time Period: Oct. 2009 - ongoing


This is collaborative project with Utah Department of Health, and Intermountain Health Care that aims to create a public-health master patient index (phMPI).  The phMPI will help correlate patient information within the UDOH prior to it being exported to external MPI’s, like the Statewide Master Person Index (sMPI) and the cHIE. My role on the project is that of technical lead for the phMPI team and technical consultant for the sMPI team.