Research Areas

/  Distributed Systems

/  Application and Data Integration

/  Aspect-oriented Software Development

/  Object-oriented Software Development

/  Conceptual Modeling

/  Test Data and Test Case Creation


Stephen Clyde is an associate professor in the CS Dept. at USU and an entrepreneur, with over 40 years of experience in the software industry. He has built systems for wide range of industries, including: health care, transportation, banking and finance, construction, e-commerces, and manufactoring.


Dr. Clyde has published over 30 papers in a variety of peer-reviewed conferences and journals.





Helping students apply use state-of-the-art principles, practices, and technology to solve real-world problems is a primary goal for Dr. Clyde's classes.  He uses non-tradition teaching techniques, like design-n-code fests, group problem solving, and even games, to instill in students the importance of good software engineering, a desire to learn, and challenge them to think out-of-the box.





Creating is a driving force by Dr. Clyde endeavors, whether that be leading edge software, great learning opportunity for students, or new products and companies.  Over that last four decades, he participated in the start up of 7 companies, and the contributed significantly to their development and operations.